Dunwoody Dietary Antigen Test DAT Webinar

The Science of Food; Lowering the Inflammatory Load



In this 1 hour morning webinar, Dr. Cheryl Burdette will cover the importance of Complement to IgG Food Antibody Assessments, the significance of IgG4 to IgE Assessments, and testing food-specific IgA via Saliva. The Advanced Intestinal Barrier Assessment (AIBA) will also be covered.
Plus, 20 minutes of Q&A will be included.

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All attendees that watch the LIVE webinar or the scheduled REPLAY will go in the draw to WIN a FREE Dietary Antigen Test!


Duration: 1 hour content plus 20 min QnA
WHEN: TUESDAY 20th March—
              LIVE WEBINAR (engage in LIVE QnA):
              QLD 10 am • NSW, VIC, TAS 11 am • SA 10:30 am • NT 9:30 am • WA 8 am
              REPLAY (gain access to recorded QnA):
              QLD 6 pm • NSW, VIC, TAS 7 pm • SA 6:30 pm • NT 5:30 pm • WA 4 pm


FAQ: I am unable to watch the LIVE webinar or the SCHEDULED replay – will there be a recording made available?

Yes, there will be a recording made available within a week after the LIVE event, that you can watch at your convenience. However, please note that;

  • Only those that attend the live webinar or the scheduled replay will go in the draw to win a free Dietary Antigen Test (DAT)
  • The recording will not include the Q&A. This is exclusive to those who either participate in the LIVE event or watch the scheduled replay.



About Dietary Antigen Testing:

Allergic reactions are classified into four types. Our food allergy profile detects Type II/III responses, which are associated with a delayed allergic response that is mediated by an IgG response and immune complexes.

Within this immune complex, the complement component 3 (C3) is converted into C3d, which is an activator of the complement cascade. Food allergy testing is gains sensitivity when IgG is combined with C3d.

With development of the polio vaccine came an understanding of the role of complement. Certain immunological reactions would not occur without it. The same is true of a response to foods.

Measurement of complement reactions to foods will detect when a reaction is amplified, and complement may even be necessary to trigger an allergic reaction, or more specifically a histaminergic reaction. While complement antigens as well as immunoglobulins are both documented in the literature to be associated with reactions to foods, it is the two together that are the most sensitive measure of delayed food sensitivity. When looking to the research, the phenomenon of complement binding to an IgG subtype to create pathology is well documented.

The Dietary Antigen Test Complete is the only test to combine IgG, complement measurements, IgE as well as IgG4 which blocks allergic reactions from occurring.

By examining all parts of the immune system together we get a more complete picture of foods that are truly immunoreactive.


Length: 1 hour
Presenter: Dr. Cheryl Burdette, N.D.
Terms: This course is subject to future edits and alterations.
Notes: Downloadable PDF notes are available.
CPE Points: This course is valid for CPE points. Please click here for more information.


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